Betway casino

Betway casinoFinding an online casino is not a big deal. These days there are so many that you can easily find a good one just by browsing. But if “good” is just not good enough for you, then you should try Betway and its online casino. Betway Casino is often regarded as one of the finest online casinos by industry’s top players and critics. By no standards an average offering, it features more than 500 games that you can play instantly. There are a lot of virtual gambling halls that feature hundreds of games in their catalog, but quantity is seldom accompanied by quality. With Betway, you get both!


These days, almost every online casino offers welcome bonuses to their new customers. But what kind of a welcome bonus should you expect from a casino that is as reputed and as praised as Betway? Since Betway is one of the biggest players in the gambling industry, the welcome bonus and promotional offers have to match their reputation. The welcome bonus from Betway can be described as a three stage scheme.

On your first deposit with the casino, you get a full 100% matching welcome bonus. The upper limit for the first welcome bonus is set at $250. While most of the casinos set the upper limit for the first welcome bonus as high as $100, Betway raised the bar, generosity-wise. On your second deposit, you get a 25% matching bonus from the casino. The upper limit is same here as in the case of the first welcome bonus i.e. $250. On your third deposit, things get even better. Betway Casino offers a 50% matching bonus on your third deposit, with the upper limit to the third deposit being set to $500.

You will have a hard time finding any other online casino that offers such a lucrative welcome bonus to their customer. There is no doubt that the promotional scheme and welcome bonus scheme offered by Betway are simply unbeatable.

Gambling Experience

A lot of people shy away from online casinos because they worry about the security and fairness from the owners of online casinos. It is obvious that if you are putting your hard earned money into something then you can get a bit worried about its security and fairness in game play. Betway carries the eCogra seal. As you might already know, eCogra is seen as a guarantee of trust and safety in the online gambling industry.

While most of the casinos are focused only on extracting as much money as possible from their customers, Betway Casino actually cares about them. No one is saying that Betway doesn’t cares about profits, of course it does: but it also cares about gambling responsibly, that’s why it allows you to set your betting limits so that you don’t end up losing a lot of money when you are having a hard time winning.

Mobile Casino

Betway is one of the few casinos that offer its users a downloadable app. The app works well on both Android and iOS devices. The app basically works as an introduction for the wide range of what you can expect from Betway Casino. If you like the essence of the app then you can simply use your mobile browser and visit the mobile-friendly version of the Betway site, regardless of the type of handheld device you’re using.

Customer Service

Betway offers customer support in 15 different languages and the good thing is that unlike a lot of other online casinos, Betway offers customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact Betway through phone, email and live chat.