Casino Bonus

What is a Casino Bonus?

Online casinos offer bonuses in order to welcome new gamblers and also maintain old clients. Gamblers should however keep in mind that all casino bonuses have turnover requirements. These requirements need to be met before cashing out any winnings. In order to know the required amount of wagers, players can use the free online casino bonus calculator. There are various casino bonuses and they include the following:

Casino BonusSign up bonus which is also referred to as welcome bonus. This type of bonus falls either into percent or match bonuses. For the percent bonus, if a gambler deposits $20 and the casino bonus is 50% then the casino will offer the gambler 10 dollars. While a match bonus means that the casino matches the amount a player deposits.

Loyalty bonus is a casino bonus that is given to players who have played in the same casino for a long period of time. In order to get loyalty bonus, gamers need to collect loyalty points each time they deposit money in their account up to a specific limit. Points can be exchanged for a bonus that is credited to the player’s account.

Sticky bonus: this type of bonus offers a gambler a chance to play without withdrawing the bonus amount. The player receives free money to play with and once the turnover requirements are met, the player can withdraw any winnings that are above the initial bonus amount.

No deposit bonus: players are offered free money to play without making any cash deposit. This type of bonus is different from the others as it is very small, but the best part is that it allows a gamer to get an idea of different types of casino games.

Gamers are recommended to choose online casinos that offer huge bonuses and have easy to reach turnover requirements.


Most gamblers do not understand casino bonus rules, especially turnover requirements. When given a large bonus, players think that they only need to make cash deposit into their accounts in order to realize the bonus and they end up having unlimited access to the bonus. Players should ensure that they meet these requirements.

It is important as the casino gives you the chance to place bets and play games with their money. Therefore, they have the right to place certain conditions in order for them not to lose out on the deal. These requirements vary from casino to casino and players are recommended to understand them before choosing the casino of their choice. A turnover requirement basically means that a gambler needs to use the amount of the bonuses or a certain required deposit in order to extract money.

Turnover requirements are displayed with a number and an x to indicate the number of times a player has to bet their bonus amount, deposit amount, or deposit plus bonus amount in order for the bonus to be cashable. Players should meet these conditions to avoid various slot machine game expenses that will consume their finances. Before playing games in an online casino, gamers should select games that pay off a more frequently. The more a gamer enjoys playing; his or her chances of winning the jackpot prize will increase.

Casino bonuses, especially welcome bonuses, allow new gamblers or players to check if the casino offers good deals and their pre-conditions. It also allows players to improve their gaming skills and to play other casino games. Before registering in an online casino, gamers should read and understand all the casinos terms and conditions. This will allow a player to make an informed decision.